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At PHL LOCKSMITH, we believe that the key of being a perfect locksmith is offering fast, friendly and cost-effective services. Our ultimate goal is to provide satisfactory locksmith services and surpassing the expectation of our customers. We are sure you will appreciate the attention our service providers pay for your needs. Below are some of our delighted customers reviews.

Great service. Highly knowledgeable tech, Mario was the best. This is a company I recommend.

David G

He is absolutely meticulous, he is professional, great quality and clean. Very friendly and trustworthy and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Sharon S

Mario was very friendly and helpful. He worked quickly and with care. I lost the key to my bike lock and he was able to cut the lock off without harming my bike at all. Very friendly and showed up very quickly. He is my only recommendation for locksmiths!

Lauren M.

I called PHL LOCKSMITH because I got my keys stufck in my car. Mario showed up shockingly quick and opened up my car no problem. What I loved about this company was the friendliness. They were super friendly and mario was a great conversation. I give these guys 5/5 no questions asked.

Matias N

He is personable and does a thorough job. I would recommend them.

Loretta N

We had Mario to change our locks. He is very knowledgeable and professional, suggesting what is critical for safety and what is not necessary so that we don’t spend too much. He even fixed the garage door for me. He arrived within 30 minutes after we called and did a great job.

Judy L

We called because something was wrong with our bottom lock. Mario came and was very professional, personable, and HONEST. He corrected the problem. I would give them the top rating and call them again if needed.

A very satisfied customer.

Mary S