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    What Does Rekey Locks means?

    Answer: If you’ve misplaced your key or if you are concerned that the missing key is in the the possession of an untrusted party, instead of replacing your locks altogether and being forced to pay for the hardware you can simply rekey your existing lock making the original key useless. Rekeying is the procedure of altering a lock’s internal pins thereby making the initial key no longer usable, allowing the lock to be used with a new key. By rekeying a lock you can consolidate an unlimited number of locks to your home to the same key. This can save you the hassle of carrying a multitude of keys on your key-ring. Finally, you can make a single key work with a minimal number of locks, a second to work with two additional locks and a third that works with all of the locks for access to limited areas. This is also known as master rekeying.

    What is Master keying and When Is It Practical?

    Answer: Master keys are made usually for big facilities with many rooms and sections, Apartments buildings for example, when there is needed selective access to certain factions of the facility and where many people need different access to different things. If you decide to install a system your locksmith can design and implement one to especially suit your operation. Call our locksmiths to get the best possible security fit for your home/business.

    Are Locks Too Expensive?

    Answer: Locks are the main protection system of your valuable belongings, they are not something you should try and cut costs on. Your personal safety and all your worldly wealth is security system and locks you choose to set forward.  Calling a locksmith to set up a security system for your home or business will allow you get the most potential security out of your property, a locksmith will create a specific security system tailored to your property at an efficient price. This is just another reason why the advice of a  professional locksmith is so beneficial. They can provide you with the most cost effective security available.

    Can I Purchase My Own Car Keys and/or Remote?

    Answer: We do cut and program keys and remotes purchased from the Internet or elsewhere. Buyer beware we do not guarantee any key or remote that is not supplied by us. Due to faulty milling, the wrong item being purchased, and/or poor quality construction, we have had a lot of issues getting these keys and remotes to work.

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